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This is an attempt to know who will make to semis of IPL season2.

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Let me put here the current points table:

Team            P    W    L    T    NR    PTS    NRR
Delhi               11     8     3     0     0     16     +0.275
Chennai         11     6     4     0     1     13     +1.070
Rajasthan     12     6     5     0     1     13     -0.329
Hyderabad   11     6     5     0     0     12     +0.292
Bangalore     12     6     6     0     0     12     -0.309
Punjab           12     6     6     0     0     12     -0.470
Mumbai         12     5     6     0     1     11     +0.483
Kolkata          11     1     9     0     1     3     -1.042

From the above table it is eminent that Koltata Knight Riders are out and Delhi Daredevils are already in semi-finals. So these are only two things we can assume at the moment? Or some other teams have also already out or have made to semis. Yes, that is what we are going to analize now.

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So lets start with Chennai Super Kings, at the time of writing Mumbai Indians vs Chennai match was halfway and Mumbai made 145 and Chennai have to make 146 to win, so with the form that Chennai Super Kings’ batsmen are I think we can assume Chennai is going to win this encounter which means they will have 15 points and their run-rate is quite good so we can assume Chennai is in.

Now lets talk about Rajastan, they are left with only 2 matches. RR’s remaining matches are against KKR and DD so if we can assume Rajastan Royals will win at least one of them, mostly the against KKR or maybe against DD as well, dont forget DD lost their last encounter against Kings XI Punjab, this will be at the back of the mind of RR and may work in favour of RR. So I think we can safely assume Rajastan is also in.

So now one slot is left and it is wide open, because we made assumption that Mumbai will loose against CSK we can drop Mumbai’s contention.

So now teams contending for that one open slot are Deccan, Bangalore, and Punjab. Among these 3 teams only Hyderabad’s run-rate is +ve and one more thing that is there in their favour is they have played one less match compared to Royal Challengers and Kings XI Punjab and one more thing that work in favour of Deccan Chargers is that they have one match against KKR left. If the above reasons are not enough to say Deccan are that fourth semi-finalist then look at the good form of Gilchrist, Symonds, Vaas and Smith and on the other hand look at the shaky form of Yuvraj, Dravid, and inconsistency of Sangakkara. Sorry Bangaloreans and Punjab supporters I have to make assumption that Deccan are that fourth semi-finalist.

So my conclusion is Delhi, Chennai, Rajasthan, and Hyderabad are going to be the four semi-finalists. Challenge me if you can 😉

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